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Helios-P 600 (SLA Printer)

High Quality, High Stability, High Accuracy Brand: Magforms Technology: Industrial SLA Accuracy: ±0.1mm(L≤100mm) ±0.1%xL(L>100mm) Build Size:600*600*500mm Scanning Speed: 12 m/s (Maximum), 6 - 10 m/s (Typical) Contact us: Email: Tel: +86-760-86653899

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Famous and reliable good branding hardwares


● Advanced Optowave Laser.

● Scanlab galvanometer from Germany.

● Other famous brands of hardwares such as Panasonic and Schneider.

● Belgium Slicer of Materialise.

● Using granite for recoater rim.

User friendly printing software, simple to handly.

● Large and small beam switching design, greatly increasing the printing speed.

● SGS CE Certified.

● Removable vat design, much easier operation and a smaller vat option available


● Integrated circuit design.
● Install with famous brand of Panasonic and Schneider etc,  stable and reliable.


● Match or exceed traditional plastic properties.
● Small Beam Size: 0.15-0.20mm.

Large Beam Size: 0.5-0.65mm.

● Accuracy: ±0.1mm(L≤100mm), ±0.1%xL(L>100mm)

Click here for smaller size: 450*450*400mm!

Your best choice on engineering materials:

Magforms has a total solution of integrating 3D printing machine and material.

With more than 10 years researching and developing SLA resin, Avanza resin has been widely used on many different areas that need the applications of flexibility, durability, toughness, stiffness, stability, clarity, look and feel, temperature resistance and more.

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 Model  Helios-P 600
 Build Envelope  600*600*500mm
 Accuracy  0.1mm(L≤100mm or ±0.1% x L(L≥100mm))
 Small Beam Size  0.15-0.20mm
 Large Beam Size
 Slicing Thickness  0.05-0.15mm
 Scanning Method  Galvanometer Scanning
 Scanning Speed  12m/s(Maximum), 6-10m/s(Typical)
 Recoater Rim  Granite
 Machine Size(L x D x H)  1490x1580x1970mm
 Machine Weight  1428kgs
 Controller  iBuild of Magforms, a full set of parameter settings to ensure smooth and fine detail surface.
 Input Data File Format  STL
 Operating Temperature Range  23 - 27 Celsius degrees
 Noise  <60 dBa

Why choose us?

We are the leading company which providing integrated solution of SLA printer, resin and software in China.

We are the biggest resin developing and producing company in China, we provide the best qualily and low cost of resin.

We are the factory, we are professional and providing excellent after-sale service and custom products.

As a leading high-tech enterprise, we developed our own printing software which specifically matches with our printer and printing material, it leads to a very fast printing speed and an unprecedented smooth surface of the printing parts. This solution has been reducing a plenty of post processing labor and has been greatly reducing the development cycle and cost of the new products.

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