3D Printing: Ultra-Detailed and Realistic Miniature Kitchen


Recently, id.arts, a Japanese design and product development company, launched its latest 3D printing creation: an ultra-detailed and realistic miniature kitchen "mock-up”.

What's most impressive about the miniature 3D printed kitchen is that it uses various 3D printing processes, including FDM, SLA, SLS, and inkjet. Different additive manufacturing techniques were used to create different parts of the kitchen, such as counters, sinks, faucets, etc.

According to id.arts, the 3D printed kitchen model is 1:10 in scale and comes with a set of 3D printed miniature furniture and a 2D printed floor. All of these components were designed to give the client the opportunity to completely rebuild the kitchen space in order to optimize the interior design.

The cabinets in the model were fabricated with SLS technology, a process that uses a laser to sinter nylon powder layer by layer. Using this method, the id.arts team was able to print objects over 30 cm in size with little or no distortion or deformation.

The faucet unit required a high degree of detail and was manufactured using Magforms’ Helios-P 450 SLA 3D printer. Once printed, they will be plated to achieve the final result. The furniture was assembled using the 3D printing process.