Industrial SLA 3D printing resin

Photocuring (photocuring) is the light-induced curing of monomer, oligomer, or polymeric substrates and is generally used in film formation processes. The technology is efficient, widely adaptable, economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Light-sensitive resin coatings are the earliest example of successful large-scale application of light-curing technology in industry.

Photosensitive resin is UV resin, composed of polymer monomer and prepolymer, with light (ultraviolet) initiator or called photosensitizer, in a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light irradiation immediately cause polymerization reaction, complete curing, photosensitive resin is generally liquid, used to make high strength, high temperature, waterproof and other materials, photosensitive resin 3D printing commonly used in domestic and foreign mainstream SLA rapid prototyping equipment, most of the imports or domestic DLP desktop machine.

More than just polymer plastic, DSM Somos photosensitive resin focus on 3D printing

Figure SOMOS ProtoTherm photopolymer-printed prototype hairdryer housing (source DSM)

DSM Somos® photosensitive resins

Both DLP and SLA printing processes require specialized light-curing resins to achieve precise curing and reproduction of the printed model. In the 3D printing market, DSM has established itself as a leader in additive manufacturing through its Somos® resins business in the areas of stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP), for which DSM has established a dedicated business unit: DSM Additive Manufacturing. Based on Somos' experience in the market, DSM also plans to cover the entire field of plastic printing materials, such as in the area of melt filament printing technology, for which DSM offers a growing portfolio of materials, including Novamid® polyamides and Arnitel® thermoplastic elastomers.

DSM Somos® photosensitive resins from DSM


Resin properties

Forming characteristics

Application Scenarios

Somos Imagine 8000

Low viscosity, opaque white

Rugged, tough and waterproof

Automotive, medical device and consumer electronics sample and water flow analysis, RTV models, durable concept models, duct testing and rapid casting models

SOMOS ProtoTherm

Resistant to up to 121°C

High detail accuracy and dimensional stability in high humidity environments

Simplifying wind tunnel test samples

SomosWaterClear Ultra 10122

Exceptional optical clarity

Excellent moisture resistance, excellent water resistance and high temperature resistance

Fluid flow analysis, conceptual and functional models, and also provides refractive index values similar to those of engineering plastics for functional testing in optical light transmission work.

Somos WaterShed XC 11122

Transparent, high definition

Excellent moisture resistance, water repellency, and appearance that mimics transparent thermoplastics such as ABS and PBT.

Fluid flow analysis. Durable enough to withstand intense wind tunnel testing, ideal for the automotive and aerospace industries.

SomosEvoLVe 128

Precise details, high dimensional stability

Looks and feels virtually indistinguishable from traditional thermoplastics

Ideal application.

1. Tough functional prototype

2. Snap type design

3. Clamps

Somos GP Plus 14122

ABS, White

Water and moisture resistance, durability, accuracy and performance

Functional prototypes, conceptual models and low-volume production components.

Aviation Components

Automobile parts

Consumer product components

Low volume production of components

Somos PerFORM

The lowest viscosity among the laminate, white, high-temperature resistant 132~268℃ laminating and light-curing molding resins.

Strong, tough, high-temperature resistant composite parts, manufactured for easier post-treatment cleaning


Wind Tunnel Testing

High temperature test

Electrical housing

Automobile shell

Somos ProtoGen 18120

Transparent, ABS-like

Highly impact resistant, highly accurate, moisture and heat resistant materials

Automobile parts

medical treatment

consumer product

Electrical housing

Somos ProtoGen 18420


High temperature and moisture resistant materials and products surface cleaning

Particularly suitable for automotive and medical applications.

Somos ProtoGen 18920


High temperature resistance, moisture resistance, high precision and excellent surface quality