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3D printing in the toy industry is the most used in SLA 3D printing technology, the technology to use photosensitive resin as raw materials, relying on light polymerization reaction to solidify the molding, this technology does not produce thermal diffusion and thermal deformation, due to its high precision, good surface quality, sla 3D printing technology has become the most widely used technology in toys industry.

The advantages of sla 3D printing technology, first of all, it simplifies the production process, to achieve mold-free production, accelerate the pace of new product development and speed to market, reducing the overall cost of the product. The molding principle is by doing addition, layered processing, superimposed molding, the raw materials and energy required is only 1/10 of the traditional production methods, and the production process is not affected by the product structure, plus print out any curved and hollow products, increasing the individualized and customized production capacity.

Magforms sla 3D printer and sla resin has been widely use on educational toys, cartoons, toys design, R&D production in toys industry due to its high accuracy, high stable, fast printing speed and fine-detail surface.

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