Application of 3D printing technology in shoe manufacturing

3D printing technology is a new leading technology, with its all-in-one molding, high efficiency, easy operation, safety and environmental protection, intelligent monitoring and management and other real advantages in the footwear industry. 3D printing technology is rapidly developing in the design, production and personalized customization of shoes, and its application direction has become obvious. 3D printing technology for shoe sole mould design and mass production.

As we know, the traditional model of shoe research and development, is a pair of new shoes in the production before the process of design, mold, etc. In the past, the earliest sole mold manufacturing normally takes a week, if the actual model effect is not good, must be redesigned and mold, each modification takes two or three days. If the actual model is not good enough, we have to redesign and redo the mold, and it takes two or three days for each modification. The cost of a new mold is several thousand dollars or even more.

A good design is the beginning of success, but with the accelerating speed of product innovation, product development cycle is constantly compressed, so the use of cutting-edge technology to help mold development is imperative. 3D printing technology does not require any mold or mechanical processing, development process is more intuitive and efficient, printing the sole, heel only two or three hours. It is of great significance to the development of the footwear industry, most notably to greatly shorten the sample development time, while improving the accuracy of the sample.

It is characteristic of apparel products that the profit of a single product is small. Originally, with the supply of low-cost factors and the huge domestic and foreign market demand, enterprises can still survive in the case of mass sales. However, with the rise of labor costs and raw material purchase prices, the shrinking of the foreign trade market, corporate profits have been compressed to the limit or even a loss. This also shows the importance of speeding up the introduction of new technology and innovation from another angle.

There is no doubt that 3D printing technology is still in the early stages of development, both domestically and globally, yet 3D printing technology already has a wide range of applications in the shoe industry.

Replacing the wooden mold

Using 3D printing equipment to directly create a prototype that can be tumbled sand cast shoe pattern, fully printed in 360 degrees. Replaces wooden moulds. Shorter time, less manpower, less materials, more complex patterns, more flexible and efficient process, less noise, dust, corrosion pollution.

Six-sided die printing

3D printing technology allows you to print an entire six-sided die directly. No more toolpath editing processes, tool changes, platform rotations or other operations are required. Each shoe mold data feature is formed in one piece for accurate representation. At the same time, multiple models with different data specifications can be printed on the 3D printer at one time, which significantly improves the printing efficiency.

Tried on modeling

3D printing technology can directly print soft material samples to test the fit between the last, upper and sole, which effectively shortens the design cycle.

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