The application of SLA 3D printing in education is mainly used in broadening students' horizons, transforming profound concepts into visual objects, and helping students to acquire knowledge and enhance their interest in learning. The following are the applocations instruction of some subjects:


Although chemical molecules structures are ever-changing, teachers can use 3D printers to build specific chemical molecules models at any time according to teaching contents. Obviously, additive manufacturing without molding process can greatly shorten the time of customizing teaching models and saving costs, which enhances the diversified teaching's capacity.

Art  and Architecture

With 3D printers, students can bring their artworks, architectures and mechanical structures to real life. With the real models, students can better evaluate their concepts/designs. 


SLA 3D printing technology can be used in building organ models, with it's high precision and excellent details, students can better understand the blood vessel and nerve distribution. The build models also can be applied on simulated operations.


Damaged historic sites or extinct species that beyond repaire/restore can be recreated by 3D printing, that makes students learning history through real models instead of boring words which can enhance students' learning interest.

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