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What is 3D Printing

3D printing is the latest rapid prototyping technology. It is a technology that first slices and dices the 3D file layer by layer, then builds on each layer (layer-by-layer printing) and simultaneously glues each layer together to create a physical prototype.

Magforms is a company which specifically provides SLA 3D Printing Service to customers.

SLA Technology Introduction

It's a UV light-curing molding process, also known as stereolithography belongs to a kind of rapid prototyping process, abbreviated SL, also sometimes abbreviated SLA, the process is the United States of America in 1986 developed a successful RP process, 1987 was awarded a U.S. patent, is the earliest, the most mature technology and the most widely used rapid prototyping technology. It takes photosensitive resin as raw material, and solidifies and molds it layer by layer through computer-controlled UV laser lithography. It is a simple, fully automated method for producing complex geometries with high surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

Time Savings

By eliminating the time needed to produce molds, patterns and special tools required for conventional modeling, rapid prototyping reduces time between initial design and analysis. An accurate model is quickly available for testing for,. features, performance and usability. Rapid prototyping is a highly automated process that enables designers to quickly modify products in line with feedback. The time savings can help organizations gain competitive advantage by bringing new products to market quickly, ahead of competitors.

The Advantage of our 3D Printing Service

  • Cost Reduction

Using our 3D printing service, makes it no need to develop special tools for each new product. Just send us your design in STL format, we will be able to send your parts out within 48 hours.
  • Easier Visualization

Using our 3D printing service, you will get the most widely choices of material to choose for your design.
  • Lower Risk

Using our 3D printing service, you will get the most accurate item in the best price with super quick service. We offers free replacement if there is a problem.

How to get the 3D Printing Service from us?

Please kindly send us your desing in STL format by emailing to info@magforms.com.